Beat Stress in 4 Steps

by No Stress System MH® 

Are you tired? Are you under stress? Can’t sleep well at night? Can’t seem to find time for yourself?

With this ebook you have the Complete Kit EVERYTHING :

2 audio tracks e 1 video!!!

Only € 15,00  instead of € 59,00

You will be well-rested and happier; with the appropriate synapsis, your brain will help you find the best solutions to each circumstance.

The Self Help Program “Beat stress in 4 Steps” explains the reason why your body can be affected by stress and it helps you get rid of it.

 This Complete Program Kit includes:

1 audio track Relax MH® (which helps your body produce melatonin and sleep well)

+ 1 audio track: Activator MH® (which helps your body produce serotonin and replace debilitated programs with motivational ones.)

In Italy the book became a bestseller immediately

Finally the book and the audio tracks have been translated into English!

Now you too can overcome stress!

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